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Greens Welcome Greece No Vote

In reaction to the No vote in Greece, Patrick Harvie MSP, co-convenor of the Scottish Greens, said:

“This vote shows austerity has failed and those bearing the brunt will no longer put up with it. Europe must stand with the people of Greece in their rejection of austerity.

“The SYRIZA led government including Greek Greens has stood up to the Troika. Scottish Greens stand in solidarity with them.…


Alison Johnstone MSP
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Alison Johnstone MSP

Holding Scottish Government And Big Business To Account

Two numbers stood out for me this month – 9.7 million and 129 million. They demonstrate why our politics needs the bold, progressive voice that the Scottish Greens offer.

9.7 million tonnes is the total amount of greenhouse gases that Scotland has emitted in excess of the legally-binding climate change targets our parliament set in 2009. The Scottish Government has failed to meet these target for the fourth year in a row.…


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