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Commenting on reports into Police Scotland call-handling and the use of stop-and-search, John Finnie, Independent MSP for the Highlands & Islands and justice spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, said:

“HMICS’s interim report into call-handling acknowledges the frailties of the existing system.

“Whilst welcoming the £1.4 million of additional money to pay for the accelerated recruitment of up to 75 call handling staff, it is our belief that, rather than making the case for Police Scotland to continue the centralisation of call handling, HMICS’s report makes the case for supporting the permanent retention of the Aberdeen and Inverness call handling centres and that’s what we will continue to campaign for.…


Patrick Harvie MSP
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Patrick Harvie MSP

Time to wake up to the stale state of Holyrood’s democracy

Whatever you think of the prospect of Lady Mone, one thing should be clear by now.


Every country deserves a system of government that is accountable to the people, and as long as an unelected House of Lords exists, the UK will not be truly democratic. We simply cannot trust legislative scrutiny in the hands of a body dominated by the rich and privileged, far removed from the daily reality of life faced by the people over whom they exercise power.…


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