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We want to make a difference. Scottish Greens represent a new politics, based on a hopeful but realistic vision for Scotland. Green politics puts people first.

Greens have been elected to local councils and to the Scottish Parliament. Our members are active on community councils across Scotland, and work with the UK Green MEPs in Europe.

At all levels, Scottish Greens make a difference. Join us by using the form below or download a printable form: Membership Form

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Online payments are made securely through Paypal with a credit/debit card or Paypal account. Fill in the form below. You can pay as a one-off subscription for a year, or you can set up an open-ended membership subscription, with instalments paid monthly or annually. Note that the £5 and £12 rates can only be paid annually. Membership Rates are income-based except for Under-18s and Full-Time Students.

SGP News is our regular email update on what the Scottish Green Party are doing.

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