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Today’s interim report by COSLA’s Commission on Strengthening Local Democracy comes to many of the same conclusions as the Greens’ report in February.

The Commissions’ report talks of a ’50 year journey of centralisation… and the creation of bigger and bigger units of local governance’ and calls for the empowerment of communities ‘from the bottom up’. (1)

The Greens have highlighted the potential of smaller municipalities, far greater revenue-raising at a local level and more flexible cooperation between councils to deliver services at appropriate scales.…


Cllr Ian Baxter
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Cllr Ian Baxter

It's not about flags, labels or the past. A Yes vote is about the future.

A poll in this week’s Scotland on Sunday suggests that English born Scots currently intend to vote 2:1 against independence.

I was born in England and I will once again be supporting England in this summer’s World Cup finals. Having moved to Scotland 38 years ago, I think of myself as neither English nor Scottish, defaulting to ‘British’ when asked my nationality.

But independence is not about flags, labels or the past.…

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