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The Scottish Green MSPs, Patrick Harvie and Alison Johnstone, responded to today’s Programme for Government, welcoming ministers’ intention to tackle inequality, introduce rent controls for private tenants and oppose anti-union legislation.PH and AJ for web

But the Green MSPs are challenging ministers on climate change, education, health and land reform.

The statement today from the First Minister made no mention of climate change despite the government’s failure to meet emissions targets four years running, yet it did contain further support for oil and gas extraction and cutting air passenger duty.…


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Patrick Harvie MSP

Time to wake up to the stale state of Holyrood’s democracy

Whatever you think of the prospect of Lady Mone, one thing should be clear by now.


Every country deserves a system of government that is accountable to the people, and as long as an unelected House of Lords exists, the UK will not be truly democratic. We simply cannot trust legislative scrutiny in the hands of a body dominated by the rich and privileged, far removed from the daily reality of life faced by the people over whom they exercise power.…


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