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A poll released by Green MSPs shows overwhelming public support for their ‘right to buy’ proposals for fan ownership of football clubs.

Of those that had a view, 87% of those polled would support fan trusts having right of first refusal if their club came up for sale, or when it went into administration. 72% would support a right to buy your local club for a market value at any point.*

Alison Johnstone will lead a debate at Holyrood later this afternoon on community ownership of football, which comes on the back of the successful Hearts deal last week.…


Cllr Melanie Main
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Cllr Melanie Main

Paying For The Schools Our Children Deserve

After a tragedy such as the death of Keane Wallis-Bennett, the immediate and only thoughts are with the family and friends of Keane.

Even with a daughter of my own of the same age, also in S1 at a neighbouring school, I can only glimpse the deep grief and pain everyone will be feeling.

As initial numbness gives way to understandable anger, all councillors have a duty to do everything we can to prevent such a tragedy happening ever again.…

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